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gene_id species strand chr type
OS07G34580 osa + 7 coding
CV00G91850 cvu - scaffold_15 coding
ccr104980 ccr + HG001638 coding
ccr125400 ccr - HG002339 coding
AP00G23920 apr - contig_KL662078-KL662190.33 coding
ccr138640 ccr + HG002154 coding
PTI_20G01150 ptri - chrom_20 coding
PP00037G01500 ppa + scaffold_37 coding
RCC4223.01g05230 prcc4223 - s1 coding
RCC4223.07g03950 prcc4223 - s7 coding
PP00168G00050 ppa - scaffold_168 coding
PP00309G00220 ppa + scaffold_309 coding
PP00156G00420 ppa - scaffold_156 coding
PI00G29440 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_45 coding
PP00291G00470 ppa + scaffold_291 coding
PP00309G00140 ppa - scaffold_309 coding
PP00309G00200 ppa + scaffold_309 coding
PP00213G00650 ppa - scaffold_213 coding
PP00089G00910 ppa + scaffold_89 coding
PP00309G00230 ppa - scaffold_309 coding

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