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gene_id species strand chr type
ES0121G00230 esi + scaffold_121 coding
ATR_00026G01130 atr + scaffold00026 coding
ATR_00026G01150 atr + scaffold00026 coding
ATR_00109G01360 atr + scaffold00109 coding
AA0007G00910 aan - scaffold_7 coding
ATR_00062G00020 atr + scaffold00062 coding
AA0002G06930 aan + scaffold_2 coding
ATR_00065G01730 atr - scaffold00065 coding
ATR_00062G00010 atr - scaffold00062 coding
ATR_00026G01070 atr + scaffold00026 coding
ATR_00026G01160 atr + scaffold00026 coding
CR02G10720 cre + chromosome_2 coding
ATR_00019G03550 atr - scaffold00019 coding
ATR_00062G00050 atr - scaffold00062 coding
AA0017G01560 aan + scaffold_17 coding
ATR_00004G02430 atr + scaffold00004 coding
ATR_00019G03590 atr + scaffold00019 coding
ATR_00013G00910 atr + scaffold00013 coding
ATR_00019G03580 atr - scaffold00019 coding
ATR_00055G01550 atr + scaffold00055 coding

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