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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00002G03250 atr + scaffold00002 coding
BPRRCC1105_01G07110 bprrcc1105 + chrom_01 coding
CM05G01650 cme + c05f0001 coding
ES0016G00700 esi + scaffold_16 coding
CM18G01290 cme + c18f0001 coding
CNC64A_011G00220 cnc64a - scaffold_11 coding
AA0007G00870 aan - scaffold_7 coding
AA0023G00260 aan + scaffold_23 coding
ATR_00069G01000 atr - scaffold00069 coding
ATR_00029G01860 atr + scaffold00029 coding
TP07G03490 tps + chr_7 coding
phs159300 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_61 coding
phs56070 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_131 coding
OT_08G02940 ota - chrom_08 coding
TP05G03850 tps + chr_5 coding
ES0060G00300 esi - scaffold_60 coding
VC00G15840 vca + scaffold_1 coding
OT_09G00810 ota + chrom_09 coding
FC001G11740 fcy - scaffold_1 coding
MP03G00350 mpu - chrom_03 coding

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