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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00118G00270 ppa - scaffold_118 coding
PP00014G01990 ppa - scaffold_14 coding
PP00341G00330 ppa + scaffold_341 coding
PP00033G00080 ppa + scaffold_33 coding
PP00045G01090 ppa + scaffold_45 coding
PP00261G00180 ppa - scaffold_261 coding
PP00095G00350 ppa + scaffold_95 coding
PP00118G00140 ppa - scaffold_118 coding
PP00149G01070 ppa + scaffold_149 coding
PP04103G00010 ppa + scaffold_4103 coding
PP00215G00220 ppa - scaffold_215 coding
PP00216G00060 ppa - scaffold_216 coding
PP00175G00080 ppa + scaffold_175 coding
PP00236G00310 ppa + scaffold_236 coding
PP00055G00770 ppa - scaffold_55 coding
PP00029G01430 ppa + scaffold_29 coding
PP00325G00260 ppa + scaffold_325 coding
PP00151G00090 ppa - scaffold_151 coding
PP00076G00500 ppa - scaffold_76 coding
PP00067G00020 ppa + scaffold_67 coding

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