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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00236G00370 ppa + scaffold_236 coding
PP00035G00530 ppa + scaffold_35 coding
PP00446G00020 ppa - scaffold_446 coding
PP00059G01430 ppa + scaffold_59 coding
PP00227G00060 ppa - scaffold_227 coding
PP00067G00390 ppa - scaffold_67 coding
PP00035G01530 ppa + scaffold_35 coding
PP00081G01220 ppa + scaffold_81 coding
PP00096G00250 ppa + scaffold_96 coding
PP00129G00450 ppa - scaffold_129 coding
PP00461G00040 ppa + scaffold_461 coding
PP00318G00210 ppa - scaffold_318 coding
PP00382G00100 ppa + scaffold_382 coding
PP00067G00680 ppa + scaffold_67 coding
PP00198G00170 ppa + scaffold_198 coding
PP00023G00650 ppa + scaffold_23 coding
PP00035G00160 ppa + scaffold_35 coding
PP00112G00540 ppa + scaffold_112 coding
PP00032G00150 ppa + scaffold_32 coding
PP00378G00080 ppa - scaffold_378 coding

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