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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00066G02270 atr + scaffold00066 coding
ATR_00040G00640 atr + scaffold00040 coding
ATR_00024G01820 atr + scaffold00024 coding
FC006G05830 fcy - scaffold_6 coding
phs252620 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_26 coding
TP15G01820 tps - chr_15 coding
OS01G24950 osa + 1 coding
VC00G57400 vca - scaffold_3 coding
ES0089G00490 esi + scaffold_89 coding
MP09G04150 mpu - chrom_09 coding
CV00G51940 cvu - scaffold_3 coding
AC00G11310 acg + scaffold_00038 coding
PP00054G01470 ppa - scaffold_54 coding
PTI_01G06230 ptri - chrom_01 coding
PP00144G00520 ppa - scaffold_144 coding
MRCC299_16G01220 mrcc299 + Chr_16 coding

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