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gene_id species strand chr type
ES0297G00210 esi + scaffold_297 coding
OT_11G01190 ota - chrom_11 coding
MP10G03620 mpu - chrom_10 coding
phs62100 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_117 coding
AC00G48210 acg + scaffold_00004 coding
AP00G67070 apr - contig_KL662078-KL662190.98 coding
CV00G38230 cvu + scaffold_1 coding
HE0000G37580 hsp + contig_pln.dat.267 coding
PP00013G01900 ppa + scaffold_13 coding
MRCC299_12G01360 mrcc299 + Chr_12 coding
RCC4223.14g01210 prcc4223 - s14 coding
PI00G08830 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_87 coding
gsu119800 gsu - scaf_6 coding
OL11G01200 olu - Chr_11 coding
OM_11G01250 ome - chrom_11 coding
ORCC809_11G02070 orcc809 - chr_11 coding
PP00159G00090 ppa + scaffold_159 coding

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