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gene_id species strand chr type
TP01G02020 tps - chr_1 coding
FC005G02600 fcy + scaffold_5 coding
phs31280 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_182 coding
ES0057G00430 esi + scaffold_57 coding
AP00G27290 apr - contig_KL662078-KL662190.106 coding
AC00G31000 acg - scaffold_00077 coding
CV00G54010 cvu + scaffold_6 coding
ccr137080 ccr - HG002185 coding
ccr69560 ccr - HG001731 coding
RCC4223.03g02200 prcc4223 + s3 coding
PP00133G00040 ppa + scaffold_133 coding
PI00G02810 pse3 + Picochlorum_contig_135 coding
ORCC809_01G02790 orcc809 - chr_1 coding
PP00296G00070 ppa - scaffold_296 coding
PP00115G00020 ppa - scaffold_115 coding
PP00336G00190 ppa - scaffold_336 coding
OM_01G02980 ome - chrom_01 coding
OL01G03980 olu + Chr_1 coding
gsu52060 gsu + scaf_37 coding
MRCC299_01G03110 mrcc299 + Chr_01 coding

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