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gene_id species strand chr type
phs153720 phs - ASM14975v1:scaffold_65 coding
TP02G05530 tps + chr_2 coding
OS01G72205 osa - 1 coding
FC007G07130 fcy - scaffold_7 coding
ES0516G00080 esi + scaffold_516 coding
MP16G00100 mpu + chrom_16 coding
VC00G85440 vca - scaffold_19 coding
FC004G08150 fcy - scaffold_4 coding
ccr135240 ccr - HG002219 coding
AC00G52990 acg - scaffold_00060 coding
CV00G41240 cvu + scaffold_4 coding
AP00G12830 apr + contig_KL662078-KL662190.27 coding
CV00G29180 cvu + scaffold_9 coding
CV00G89530 cvu + scaffold_17 coding
ORCC809_01G02100 orcc809 - chr_1 coding
MRCC299_06G03340 mrcc299 + Chr_06 coding
RCC4223.03g00230 prcc4223 - s3 coding
gsu90020 gsu + scaf_17 coding
PTI_12G01030 ptri - chrom_12 coding
PTI_25G01070 ptri - chrom_25 coding

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