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gene_id species strand chr type
ES0111G00180 esi - scaffold_111 coding
CR03G00930 cre + chromosome_3 coding
BPRRCC1105_09G04640 bprrcc1105 - chrom_09 coding
ES0209G00080 esi - scaffold_209 coding
ATR_00016G01570 atr + scaffold00016 coding
CM03G00760 cme + c03f0001 coding
BPRRCC1105_09G00710 bprrcc1105 + chrom_09 coding
CNC64A_007G03980 cnc64a - scaffold_7 coding
BPRRCC1105_13G01670 bprrcc1105 + chrom_13 coding
BPRRCC1105_02G01540 bprrcc1105 - chrom_02 coding
CM18G00520 cme + c18f0001 coding
CNC64A_014G00860 cnc64a - scaffold_14 coding
AA0013G02540 aan - scaffold_13 coding
CM06G00200 cme - c06f0001 coding
CR16G08600 cre - chromosome_16 coding
CM07G00190 cme + c07f0001 coding
CR03G08680 cre - chromosome_3 coding
emh687110 emh - EMIHUscaffold_11 coding
AA0018G00300 aan - scaffold_18 coding
CR01G00090 cre - chromosome_1 coding

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