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gene_id species strand chr type
SPAC1783.01 scp + I coding
WBGene00013123 cel + I coding
AT5G17770 ath - 5 coding
emh441310 emh + EMIHUscaffold_97 coding
emh519810 emh - EMIHUscaffold_56 coding
emh731710 emh + EMIHUscaffold_5 coding
emh140700 emh - EMIHUscaffold_448 coding
emh596020 emh - EMIHUscaffold_31 coding
emh421560 emh + EMIHUscaffold_99 coding
emh629040 emh + EMIHUscaffold_24 coding
emh508410 emh + EMIHUscaffold_61 coding
emh472220 emh - EMIHUscaffold_73 coding
emh340900 emh + KB864358 coding
emh388680 emh - KB864017 coding
emh744260 emh - EMIHUscaffold_4 coding
emh183080 emh - EMIHUscaffold_368 coding
emh73300 emh + EMIHUscaffold_1048 coding
emh604950 emh + EMIHUscaffold_27 coding
emh326460 emh - KB864655 coding
emh344300 emh - KB864273 coding

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