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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PTI_31G00450 ptri + chrom_31 No
AC00G83740 acg - scaffold_00088 No
AP00G26740 apr + contig_KL662078-KL662190.25 No
PP00120G00120 ppa + scaffold_120 No
MP03G00670 mpu - chrom_03 No
OS01G62020 osa + 1 No
ORCC809_14G00500 orcc809 - chr_14 No
OL09G00130 olu - Chr_9 No
ccr120180 ccr - HG001477 No
MRCC299_14G03420 mrcc299 + Chr_14 No
CR03G06230 cre + chromosome_3 No
BPRRCC1105_10G04180 bprrcc1105 + chrom_10 No
TP04G00850 tps - chr_4 No
PP00189G00620 ppa - scaffold_189 No
AC00G56140 acg - scaffold_00023 No
ATR_00057G02910 atr - scaffold00057 No
emh744900 emh - EMIHUscaffold_4 No
OM_14G03200 ome - chrom_14 No
VC00G27600 vca - scaffold_40 No
emh544890 emh + EMIHUscaffold_59 No

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