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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CM12G02090 cme + c12f0001 No
OT_03G01590 ota + chrom_03 No
ATR_00161G00050 atr - scaffold00161 No
WBGene00012031 cel + I No
OL03G01590 olu + Chr_3 No
FBgn0022160 drm - 2R No
RCC4223.03g09340 prcc4223 + s3 No
AA0025G00840 aan + scaffold_25 No
ES0117G00210 esi - scaffold_117 No
AP00G32360 apr + contig_KL662078-KL662190.46 No
phs104520 phs + ASM14975v1:scaffold_90 No
ORCC809_03G01450 orcc809 - chr_3 No
HE0000G54520 hsp + contig_pln.dat.384 No
emh528700 emh - EMIHUscaffold_53 No
ENSMUSG00000026827 mus + 2 No
SPCC1223.03c scp - III No
AC00G50330 acg + scaffold_00010 No
CR13G03600 cre + chromosome_13 No
FBgn0028848 drm + 2L No
TP08G01330 tps - chr_8 No

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