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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ATR_00027G00160 atr + scaffold00027 No
ORCC809_01G00520 orcc809 + chr_1 No
CM18G01260 cme + c18f0001 No
MP03G04040 mpu - chrom_03 No
AC00G54570 acg - scaffold_00116 No
FBgn0030995 drm - X No
gsu124160 gsu + scaf_4 No
AP00G60420 apr - contig_KL662078-KL662190.103 No
PTI_04G03160 ptri - chrom_04 No
AC00G68320 acg - scaffold_00073 No
emh701760 emh + EMIHUscaffold_10 No
gsu21820 gsu - scaf_57 No
YKL150W sac + XI No
PI00G05250 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_16 No
AT1G37130 ath + 1 No
ATR_00047G01480 atr + scaffold00047 No
ORCC809_15G00260 orcc809 - chr_15 No
OT_11G01730 ota - chrom_11 No
FC003G05260 fcy + scaffold_3 No
ORCC809_10G00740 orcc809 - chr_10 No

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