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gene_id species strand chr outlier
TP11G02840 tps - chr_11b No
ENSMUSG00000024646 mus + 18 No
VC00G121950 vca + scaffold_13 No
MRCC299_10G03130 mrcc299 + Chr_10 No
MRCC299_15G00690 mrcc299 + Chr_15 No
PP00304G00160 ppa - scaffold_304 No
emh137380 emh + EMIHUscaffold_539 No
ES0018G00070 esi - scaffold_18 No
ORCC809_11G02640 orcc809 - chr_11 No
OT_10G00900 ota - chrom_10 No
ccr187380 ccr - HG001898 No
VC00G11240 vca + scaffold_1 No
OL01G06290 olu - Chr_1 No
MRCC299_10G00330 mrcc299 - Chr_10 No
gsu38070 gsu + scaf_46 No
HE0000G34260 hsp - contig_pln.dat.725 No
FC005G07480 fcy - scaffold_5 No
ES0111G00180 esi - scaffold_111 No
PP00058G01270 ppa + scaffold_58 No
VC00G95400 vca - scaffold_48 No

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