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gene_id species strand chr outlier
ES0302G00090 esi + scaffold_302 No
pte591480 pte - GCA_000165425.1:CT868174 No
ATR_00029G00680 atr - scaffold00029 No
AC00G46280 acg - scaffold_00063 No
DDB_G0280747 ddi - 3 No
SPAC17H9.12c scp - I No
PTI_25G01970 ptri - chrom_25 No
OM_01G00590 ome + chrom_01 No
CV00G48600 cvu + scaffold_3 No
VC00G51290 vca - scaffold_4 No
FC034G00550 fcy + scaffold_34 No
CV00G15770 cvu - scaffold_5 No
PP00027G01510 ppa + scaffold_27 No
PTI_26G00790 ptri - chrom_26 No
CV00G10480 cvu - scaffold_7 No
ORCC809_10G00820 orcc809 + chr_10 No
OM_06G02320 ome + chrom_06 No
WBGene00020267 cel + V No
PI00G41590 pse3 - Picochlorum_contig_215 No
CM17G03320 cme - c17f0003 No

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