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gene_id species strand chr type
ENSG00000204160 hom + 1 coding
Pp3c10_8190 ppa + Chr10 coding
pte65550 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868054 coding
pte82820 pte - GCA_000165425.1:CT868047 coding
pte103550 pte - GCA_000165425.1:CT868038 coding
pte221470 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT867994 coding
pte337120 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868656 coding
pte356410 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868651 coding
pte373970 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868618 coding
pte380760 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868607 coding
pte617220 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868119 coding
pte618860 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868119 coding
pte653230 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT868063 coding
pte706240 pte + GCA_000165425.1:CT867986 coding
pte791590 pte - GCA_000165425.1:CT867985 coding
YBR004C sac - II coding
SPAC18B11.05 scp - I coding

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