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gene_id species strand chr type
fso127800 fso - BDSP01000175 coding
fso120160 fso + BDSP01000159 coding
fso95580 fso + BDSP01000132 coding
fso160210 fso + BDSP01000222 coding
fso200830 fso - BDSP01000288 coding
fso85840 fso - BDSP01000122 coding
fso181140 fso - BDSP01000254 coding
fso120110 fso - BDSP01000157 coding
fso92650 fso + BDSP01000130 coding
fso108840 fso + BDSP01000141 coding
fso122320 fso + BDSP01000166 coding
fso106580 fso - BDSP01000140 coding
fso27090 fso - BDSP01000047 coding
fso21490 fso - BDSP01000041 coding
fso36690 fso - BDSP01000056 coding
fso102290 fso - BDSP01000136 coding
fso179200 fso - BDSP01000253 coding
fso202720 fso - BDSP01000289 coding
fso159750 fso - BDSP01000220 coding
fso149700 fso - BDSP01000206 coding

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