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gene_id species strand chr type
fso51440 fso + BDSP01000079 coding
fso105830 fso + BDSP01000139 coding
fso38500 fso - BDSP01000060 coding
fso22030 fso - BDSP01000041 coding
fso25630 fso - BDSP01000044 coding
fso06610 fso - BDSP01000013 coding
fso12240 fso - BDSP01000017 coding
fso67030 fso - BDSP01000097 coding
fso170320 fso + BDSP01000240 coding
fso87390 fso - BDSP01000123 coding
fso11860 fso - BDSP01000016 coding
fso79470 fso - BDSP01000112 coding
fso68810 fso + BDSP01000101 coding
fso109400 fso - BDSP01000143 coding
fso13900 fso + BDSP01000022 coding
fso179840 fso + BDSP01000253 coding
fso140150 fso + BDSP01000198 coding
fso112160 fso - BDSP01000147 coding
fso43960 fso + BDSP01000071 coding
fso166700 fso + BDSP01000234 coding

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