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gene_id species strand chr type
CC00G143740 cycr + g005553_00038 coding
CC00G62210 cycr + g005939_00080 coding
CC00G17990 cycr - g006201_00294 coding
CC00G163140 cycr + g035162_00101 coding
CC00G24730 cycr + g003238_00106 coding
CC00G68530 cycr + g023072_00092 coding
CC00G135450 cycr + g007299_00202 coding
CC00G35370 cycr + g016685_00069 coding
CC00G161440 cycr + g024727_00092 coding
CC00G07250 cycr - g031617_00077 coding
CC00G118650 cycr + g026541_00070 coding
CC00G210670 cycr - g029650_00085 coding
CC00G00700 cycr + g032498_00088 coding
CC00G87580 cycr + g033039_00068 coding
CC00G06130 cycr + g008072_00124 coding
CC00G109430 cycr - g014457_00094 coding
CC00G15910 cycr + g004880_00091 coding
CC00G28500 cycr + g018337_00096 coding
CC00G120870 cycr + g005261_00095 coding
CC00G139380 cycr + g039478_00094 coding

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