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gene_id species strand chr type
CC00G190230 cycr - g010892_00102 coding
CC00G159220 cycr - g011790_00093 coding
CC00G168030 cycr + g035063_00077 coding
CC00G151980 cycr + g013225_00091 coding
CC00G54730 cycr + g006678_00055 coding
CC00G30360 cycr + g007953_00285 coding
CC00G150720 cycr + g016975_00088 coding
CC00G37390 cycr - g069771_00109 coding
CC00G110470 cycr + g004619_00045 coding
CC00G101490 cycr - g018148_00047 coding
CC00G15390 cycr + g033243_00120 coding
CC00G92410 cycr - g031658_00133 coding
CC00G01680 cycr + g020849_00081 coding
CC00G68020 cycr + g004514_00036 coding
CC00G20910 cycr + g049689_00107 coding
CC00G108410 cycr + g002294_00047 coding
CC00G75400 cycr + g004581_00086 coding
CC00G202480 cycr + g006520_00093 coding
CC00G100660 cycr + g007774_00040 coding
CC00G78130 cycr + g008729_00046 coding

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