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gene_id species strand chr type
CC00G35440 cycr + g001718_00128 coding
CC00G170210 cycr + g035804_00118 coding
CC00G137730 cycr + g026212_00135 coding
CC00G79940 cycr + g004631_00050 coding
CC00G79930 cycr + g000940_00095 coding
CC00G171670 cycr + g007568_00039 coding
CC00G67280 cycr + g008553_00076 coding
CC00G170410 cycr + g000722_00143 coding
CC00G152980 cycr + g067599_00186 coding
CC00G139280 cycr - g010031_00073 coding
CC00G73790 cycr + g027385_00094 coding
CC00G13380 cycr + g012702_00061 coding
CC00G196840 cycr + g032868_00079 coding
CC00G110590 cycr + g042663_00071 coding
CC00G17610 cycr + g006380_00072 coding
CC00G46290 cycr + g011959_00103 coding
CC00G07460 cycr + g041214_00137 coding
CC00G118720 cycr - g049942_00079 coding
CC00G170920 cycr + g014223_00081 coding
CC00G148620 cycr + g007856_00077 coding

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