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gene_id species strand chr type
YLR157C-B sac - XII coding
YLR227W-B sac + XII coding
YPR137C-B sac - XVI coding
YPR158W-B sac + XVI coding
YPR158C-D sac - XVI coding
YDR210W-B sac + IV coding
YHL009W-B sac + VIII coding
YGR161W-B sac + VII coding
YJR027W sac + X coding
YJR029W sac + X coding
YML039W sac + XIII coding
YER138C sac - V coding
YER160C sac - V coding
YDR098C-B sac - IV coding
YMR045C sac - XIII coding
YMR050C sac - XIII coding
YML045W sac + XIII coding
YDR261W-B sac + IV coding
YDR261C-D sac - IV coding
YNL284C-B sac - XIV coding

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