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gene_id species strand chr type
tho99520 tho + To_g11127 coding
tho408880 tho + To_g01849 coding
tho173960 tho + To_g15539 coding
tho02320 tho - To_g27495 coding
tho297560 tho - To_g18859 coding
tho165180 tho - To_g18089 coding
tho31100 tho - To_g18551 coding
tho158140 tho + To_g06849 coding
tho338540 tho + To_g19312 coding
tho679320 tho - To_g34400 coding
tho94400 tho + To_g22384 coding
tho389880 tho + To_g01228 coding
tps198890 tps + 8 coding
YDR365W-B sac + IV coding
YOR142W-B sac + XV coding
YDR316W-B sac + IV coding
YOL103W-B sac + XV coding
YCL019W sac + III coding
YAR009C sac - I coding
YHR214C-B sac - VIII coding

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