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gene_id species strand chr type
tho105160 tho - To_g18394 coding
tho197380 tho - To_g00680 coding
tho288900 tho - To_g19790 coding
tho78180 tho + To_g03288 coding
tho139880 tho - To_g22293 coding
tho183240 tho + To_g18789 coding
tho402200 tho - To_g10738 coding
tho87460 tho + To_g04354 coding
tho539560 tho - To_g45141 coding
tho113620 tho + To_g16399 coding
tho158000 tho + To_g49743 coding
tho59300 tho + To_g48533 coding
tho16720 tho - To_g18188 coding
tho319880 tho + To_g05786 coding
tho15640 tho + To_g34339 coding
tho336920 tho - To_g47141 coding
tho83920 tho - To_g29428 coding
tho273200 tho - To_g44836 coding
tho24160 tho + To_g02908 coding
tho89800 tho + To_g02550 coding

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