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gene_id species strand chr type
tho20420 tho + To_g18182 coding
tho01120 tho + To_g33097 coding
tho368480 tho + To_g15868 coding
tho37180 tho - To_g15473 coding
tho137900 tho + To_g18828 coding
tho56660 tho + To_g02728 coding
tho160640 tho + To_g05645 coding
tho132360 tho - To_g19162 coding
tho123740 tho - To_g48379 coding
tho497240 tho + To_g05965 coding
tho147040 tho - To_g04275 coding
tho296820 tho + To_g20828 coding
tho207000 tho + To_g42473 coding
tho131480 tho + To_g15295 coding
tho293920 tho - To_g36858 coding
tho543480 tho - To_g43960 coding
tho421040 tho + To_g43686 coding
tho263500 tho + To_g24890 coding
tho535360 tho + To_g22210 coding
tho225040 tho - To_g47477 coding

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