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gene_id species strand chr type
CC00G177430 cycr + g036674_00083 coding
CC00G117070 cycr + g013344_00065 coding
CC00G16360 cycr - g000728_00061 coding
CC00G63160 cycr + g001515_00080 coding
CC00G87410 cycr + g019045_00083 coding
CC00G183890 cycr + g040156_00097 coding
CC00G58140 cycr + g009770_00103 coding
CC00G65090 cycr + g013655_00085 coding
CC00G57070 cycr + g018176_00158 coding
CC00G118060 cycr + g027612_00103 coding
CC00G82730 cycr + g001236_00046 coding
CC00G196270 cycr + g012307_00111 coding
CC00G58700 cycr + g018735_00045 coding
CC00G168590 cycr + g025257_00080 coding
CC00G149300 cycr + g021589_00114 coding
CC00G169820 cycr + g087279_00086 coding
CC00G171140 cycr + g007842_00057 coding
CC00G07980 cycr + g029217_00094 coding
CC00G103300 cycr + g088254_00090 coding
CC00G27860 cycr + g030264_00090 coding

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