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gene_id species strand chr type
tho484820 tho + To_g08941 coding
tho119280 tho - To_g03388 coding
tho418560 tho + To_g08299 coding
tho26600 tho - To_g03469 coding
tho408860 tho + To_g01849 coding
tho269800 tho - To_g18791 coding
tho385140 tho + To_g40692 coding
tho175820 tho + To_g37633 coding
tho75140 tho - To_g02737 coding
tho66240 tho + To_g15403 coding
tho571860 tho - To_g19921 coding
tho284480 tho + To_g20848 coding
tho89820 tho + To_g02550 coding
tho57340 tho - To_g10933 coding
tho529120 tho - To_g00217 coding
tho543420 tho + To_g08459 coding
tho583900 tho + To_g41093 coding
tho53680 tho + To_g03673 coding
tho187900 tho - To_g13322 coding
tho17060 tho + To_g02711 coding

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