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gene_id species strand chr type
ptri240460 ptri + bd_38x36 coding
tho64380 tho + To_g10280 coding
tho329240 tho + To_g00633 coding
tho86000 tho + To_g00935 coding
tho94380 tho - To_g26500 coding
tho79520 tho + To_g39319 coding
tho633240 tho + To_g14053 coding
tho112820 tho + To_g22268 coding
tho125600 tho + To_g45670 coding
tho488140 tho + To_g41815 coding
tho60580 tho + To_g11228 coding
tho72160 tho + To_g24980 coding
tho111660 tho + To_g18274 coding
tho146100 tho - To_g28415 coding
tho219020 tho + To_g11297 coding
tho48640 tho - To_g08765 coding
tho163240 tho - To_g09406 coding
tho204680 tho - To_g12235 coding
tho37140 tho + To_g15473 coding
tho55180 tho + To_g08537 coding

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