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gene_id species strand chr type
CC00G194520 cycr - g041455_00072 coding
CC00G160950 cycr + g074072_00097 coding
CC00G89570 cycr + g026879_00081 coding
CC00G77330 cycr + g008151_00158 coding
CC00G27330 cycr + g004658_00077 coding
CC00G166190 cycr + g125116_00097 coding
CC00G202750 cycr + g007291_00088 coding
CC00G76150 cycr - g071714_00085 coding
CC00G45280 cycr - g028467_00081 coding
CC00G48350 cycr + g010587_00104 coding
CC00G177980 cycr + g009357_00073 coding
CC00G141300 cycr + g006413_00046 coding
CC00G36700 cycr + g022589_00040 coding
CC00G104650 cycr - g074786_00099 coding
CC00G205450 cycr + g052617_00118 coding
CC00G148530 cycr + g001202_00149 coding
CC00G29330 cycr + g029945_00077 coding
CC00G69550 cycr + g020232_00092 coding
CC00G194650 cycr + g006847_00048 coding
CC00G209510 cycr + g031363_00089 coding

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