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GO term
mitochondrial part

Cluster overview

Species Chromosome Experiment Cluster id Cluster size Number of genes E-value
Caenorhabditis elegansIV3CH_cel_3537180.000794306
Caenorhabditis elegansIV4CH_cel_3537180.000794306
Homo sapiens113CH_hom_4378230.000239675
Homo sapiens114CH_hom_4378230.000239675

Available child term results

GO term Description Number of clusters
GO:0000274mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase, stator stalk6
GO:0000275mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase complex, catalytic core F(1)4
GO:0000276mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase complex, coupling factor F(o)4
GO:0005740mitochondrial envelope4
GO:0005741mitochondrial outer membrane2
GO:0005742mitochondrial outer membrane translocase complex2
GO:0005743mitochondrial inner membrane2
GO:0005753mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase complex6
GO:0005754mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase, catalytic core2
GO:0005762mitochondrial large ribosomal subunit2
GO:0030678mitochondrial ribonuclease P complex4
GO:0032592integral component of mitochondrial membrane2
GO:0098798mitochondrial protein complex16
GO:0098800inner mitochondrial membrane protein complex4

Functional clusters experiments

Exp id Data type Data filter Min genes cluster Max genes cluster Max cluster size E-value Tandems removal
2GOPrimary GO data only.230800.001V
4GOAll GO data.230800.001V
6InterProNo filter applied.230800.001V
3GOAll GO data.230800.001X
5InterProNo filter applied.230800.001X
1GOPrimary GO data only.230800.001X