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The gene family HOM005500 has 9 genes in 9 species (0 outlier genes).
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Tandem/block/both gene duplicate percentage within this gene family :
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gene_id species description comment strand chr outlier
BPRRCC1105_01G02300 bprrcc1105 unnamed protein product;; pid=Bathy01g02300;fatm=probable sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 6 isoform - chrom_01 No
CNC64A_004G03940 cnc64a name=IGS.gm_4_00481;pid=142340;prot=eq;tid=142340;transcript=eq;fatm=actin cortical patch component Lsb4 + scaffold_4 No
CR02G09020 cre name=fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_5000047;pid=6988;prot=eq;tid=6988;transcript=eq;fatm=putative sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 10 isoform + chromosome_2 No
MP11G01310 mpu name=EuGene.0000110144;pid=51622;prot=eq;tid=51622;transcript=eq;fatm=Acid/Auxin permease family + scaffold_11 No
MRCC299_02G08520 mrcc299 name=EuGene.0200010109;pid=55732;prot=eq;tid=55732;transcript=eq;fatm=Acid/Auxin permease family - Chr_02 No
OL01G02310 olu NULL name=eugene.0100010233,pid=28839,prot=eq,tid=28839;fatm=Amino acid transporter protein (ISS) - Chr_1 No
ORCC809_01G04330 orcc809 name=fgenesh1_pm.chr_1_#_370;pid=55738;prot=eq;tid=55738;transcript=eq;fatm=Amino acid transporter protein (ISS) + chr_1 No
OT01G02310 ota Amino acid transporter protein (ISS); name=OT01G02310;protein_id=CAL50142.1;prot=eq;fatm=Amino acid transporter protein (ISS) - chrom01 No
VC0062G00310 vca name=fgenesh4_pg.C_scaffold_62000033;pid=97580;prot=eq;tid=97580;transcript=eq;fatm=putative sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 10 isoform - scaffold_62 No
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