Tree Explorer: HOM03D000886  

Basic species colored phylogenetic tree with speciation/duplication information.
The stripped multiple sequence alignment used to infer the phylogenetic tree is only 27 amino acids long


Tree view

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Node color
Green nodes indicate speciation events, red nodes indicate duplication events
Consistency score
When a duplication node is selected, you can find the consistency score via Properties => Duplication consistency score. Low consistency scores indicate that the tree reconciliation classified this node incorrectly as a duplication event to cope with an inconsistency between the gene tree and the species tree topology.
note: if exported to phyloXML these values are included, which can cause problems with some third-party tree viewers. Please try exporting to other formats (eg. Newick) if problems occur. Alternatively the tree with associated protein domains or gene structure can be exported as phyloXML.


Download Newick Download PhyloXML

Multiple Sequence Alignment information

View alignment of the entire gene family
Stripped length
View edited alignment used for tree construction

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
CMI00007810 removed too diverged
CMI00024074 removed partial
GMO00021587 removed partial
CMI00014766 removed partial
GBI00026687 removed partial
OS11G05230 removed outlier
PME00125985 removed outlier
PT11G06070 removed outlier
PT11G06110 removed outlier