Tree Explorer: HOM03D000143  

Species colored phylogenetic tree with associated protein domains.
The stripped multiple sequence alignment used to infer the phylogenetic tree is only 31 amino acids long

Protein domain view

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    Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding domain
    P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase
    Cullin repeat-like-containing domain
    Protein-arginine deiminase, C-terminal
    Cullin homology
    Cullin protein, neddylation domain
    Cullin, N-terminal
Protein domains lacking coordinates are not displayed in the phylogenetic tree. This may appear to cause inconsistencies between the various pages also showing InterPro domain information.


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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

View alignment of the entire gene family
Stripped length
View edited alignment used for tree construction

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
PME00093657 removed too diverged
PP00395G00230 removed too diverged
PTA00073468 removed too diverged
PTA00057564 removed too diverged
PTA00060084 removed partial
GMO00021280 removed partial
TBA00024269 removed partial
GBI00011370 removed partial
GBI00000226 removed partial
GMO00021477 removed partial
CMI00003451 removed partial
GMO00018447 removed partial
GMO00018127 removed partial
PME00103603 removed partial
PTA00057778 removed partial
GBI00002964 removed partial
CMI00015855 removed partial
PTA00024619 removed partial
PME00043348 removed partial
PME00029915 removed partial
PTA00078518 removed partial
PME00139245 removed partial
PME00121419 removed partial
PAB00040596 removed partial
GMO00028226 removed partial
AT3G46910 removed outlier
CMI00001370 removed outlier
CMI00003647 removed outlier
CMI00010932 removed outlier
GBI00026345 removed outlier
OS01G39840 removed outlier
OS04G55000 removed outlier
OS08G02904 removed outlier
PAB00004473 removed outlier
PAB00012133 removed outlier
PAB00036447 removed outlier
PAB00045109 removed outlier
PME00033334 removed outlier
PME00118945 removed outlier
PME00149237 removed outlier
PP00095G00210 removed outlier
PPI00068441 removed outlier
PTA00005797 removed outlier
PTA00011170 removed outlier
PTA00021597 removed outlier
PTA00025296 removed outlier
PTA00025299 removed outlier
PTA00034147 removed outlier
PTA00036187 removed outlier
PTA00037228 removed outlier
PTA00047334 removed outlier
PTA00054488 removed outlier
PTA00063461 removed outlier
PTA00064204 removed outlier
PTA00065606 removed outlier
PTA00066108 removed outlier
PTA00068719 removed outlier
PTA00073030 removed outlier