Section 1: Account and Registration

In order to make use of the PLAZA APIs, you will need to register with the associated PLAZA instance workbench, if the PLAZA instance has its JWT authentication enabled. If the JWT authentication is disabled, then no registration is required with the PLAZA instance workbench.

Section 2: Using the PLAZA APIs

You may use the PLAZA APIs only in good faith. These APIs were designed to be used for small-to-medium scale operations, where data can be retrieved on-the-fly for a limited set of genes. For larger scale analyzes, we highly recommend using the FTP dumps which are available for each PLAZA instance.
If authentication is enabled for a PLAZA instance, then additional restrictions can be applied for the API access to these instances: maximum number of parameters, maximum number of input genes, limiting the number of API requests that can be performed within a given time-frame, etc. These settings are all configured per PLAZA instance. If you make use of the PLAZA APIs, then you will not try to circumvent the limitations.

Section 3: Limitations and prohibitions

Beside following the general guidelines for API usage (such as described above), the following restrictions apply:

  1. You may not offer the content of the PLAZA APIs to third parties and present the data as your own.
  2. You may not use the data to intentionally interfere with network traffic of third parties.

Section 4: Content

The content returned by the PLAZA APIs will be as correct as possible. Still, we do not take any responsibility (both legal and academic) for potential errors in the returned results.

Section 5: GDPR

You can contact the administrators for the PLAZA instances you registered to, for more information with regards to GDPR rules.

Section 6: Liability

The PLAZA team and its parent institutions do not take any responsibility with regards to the data and services offered through the PLAZA APIs.