Step 1:

OPTION 1: one or more query genes

  • Paste a list of GRMZM code in the text area on the left
  • The GRMZM code may be seperated by tabs, spaces, semicolon, commas and newlines
  • The GRMZM code are case insensitive allowing to mingle upper and lower case letters, e.g. GrMzM2G064328, gRMzm2g121510, or GRMZM2g007734
  • Homologous genes from rice or Arabidopsis as well as other maize gene identifiers are also allowed as input, e.g. At4g04885, Os02g10060, or ZM08G15930 ?

OPTION 2: upload a file containing a list of gene pairs

Step 3: Click for guidelines

Set other options: ?

  • Method:
  • Correlation coefficient ≥ and ≤ and P-Value ≤
  • Top genes: (Bottom genes when comparing negative correlations)
  • Show:
    Pairwise correlations
    Correlations of query gene(s) with neighbours
    Correlations between neighbours
  • Output:
    Cytoscape (starts automatically ?)
        Edge label: mean maximum minimum correlation coefficient
  • View gene expression profiles only (viz. other options are ignored)

Step 2:

Select MicroArray data: ?

Note, it will use all genes where the selection criteria are valid for the

in at least selected datasets:

Affymetrix Maize Genome Array Compendium
     (128 exps, 9846 genes, absolute values, 12/2010)
Nimblegen Maize Whole-Genome Microarray 385K (VersionV1_4a.53)
     (60 exps, 22600 genes, absolute values, 06/2011)

Please allow pop-ups. Also add protein-protein interactions to the network Show localization of genes