About CORNET for Zea mays (Please use Firefox - see FAQ)

Linking different components of a system by constructing CORrelation NETworks.

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Release of the Zea mays CORNET, an extension of the previous published version (De Bodt et al., 2010) for the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (08/2011).


The Co-expression tool calculates the correlation between gene expression profiles using one or more precompiled expression datasets and as such identifies possible functional associations between genes. All correlation coefficients are pre-calculated and only those with a corresponding p-value < 0.05 (Bonferroni corrected) are stored into a database for searching (no calculations on the fly). A search request will maybe take a while to load the requested information from the database (see FAQ).

The PPI tool interrogates available protein-protein interaction databases. Note, these data are not maize specific information and were transfered from Arabidopsis thaliana via interologs.

Integrate co-expression information and protein-protein interactions: Start with the Co-expression tool and continue on to the PPI tool or vice versa. You can also add localisation info in both tools. These options can be selected on the bottom of the page.

Besides using a list of GRMZM codes (default input), it is also allowed to use homologous genes from Oryza sativa and/ or Arabidopsis thaliana. Link out to external plant database for corn, rice, and Arabidopsis are enabled in Cytoscape.


The resources and data comprising CORNET are free for research purposes only, not for commercial use. If you are a commercial venture and wish to make use of CORNET, please contact us first.

CORNET is developed by the Department of Plant Systems Biology, VIB UGent (Belgium). Questions and remarks can be addressed to cornet-help@psb.ugent.be. You can also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.