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OPTION 1: one or more query genes

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OPTION 2: upload a file containing a list of gene pairs

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  • Method:
  • Correlation coefficient ≥ and ≤ and P-Value ≤
  • Top genes: (Bottom genes when comparing negative correlations)
  • Show:
    Pairwise correlations
    Correlations of query gene(s) with neighbours
    Correlations between neighbours
  • Output:
    Cytoscape (starts automatically ?)
        Edge label: mean maximum minimum correlation coefficient
  • View gene expression profiles only

Step 2:

Select MicroArray data: ?

Return genes where the selection criteria are valid
in at least selected datasets:
for all selected datasets:

Abiotic stress TAIR10 (256 exp)
AtGenExpress All TAIR10 (425 exp)
Biotic stress TAIR10 (69 exp)
Development TAIR10 (135 exp)
Flower TAIR10 (72 exp)
Genetic modification TAIR10 (313 exp)
Hormone treatment TAIR10 (140 exp)
Leaf TAIR10 (212 exp)
Microarray compendium 1 TAIR10 (454 exp - bias towards cell cycle, growth, development)
Microarray compendium 2 TAIR10 (111 exp - no bias)
RNA-seq compendium (126 exp - no bias)
Root TAIR10 (258 exp)
Seed TAIR10 (83 exp)
Stress (abiotic+biotic) TAIR10 (336 exp)
Whole plant TAIR10 (85 exp)

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Please allow pop-ups. Also add: protein-protein interactions or regulatory interactions to the network localization of genes