zt: a software tool for simple and partial Mantel tests

Mantel's test (1967, 1970) is a widely used method for assessing the relationships between two distance matrices or, more generally, two resemblance or proximity matrices. It is classically used to compare genetic and geographical distances in populations genetic studies. But it can also be used in the fields of ecology, sociology, anthropology, psychometry, etc. There are a growing number of publications refeering to this test in the literature.
This test involves measuring the association between the elements in two matrices by a suitable statistic, and then assessing the significance of this statistic by comparison with the distribution found by randomly reallocating the order of the elements in one of the matrices.
zt is a free software tool which performs simple and partial Mantel tests. Contrary to the simple Mantel test, which tests the correlation between only two matrices, the partial Mantel test investigates the correlation between two matrices while controlling the effect of a third one, and thus tries to remove spurious correlations. The zt software is written in the C programming language, both for speed of computation and for being able to handle very large matrices. The zt software is released under GNU's global public license.
Main features
  • command line tool.
  • written in C.
  • huge matrices capabilities.
  • speed of computations.
  • simple text files as input data files.
The zt paper gives a general introduction of the simple and partial Mantel tests, describes the algorithm in detail and finally describes some concrete examples based on real datasets.

You can freely dowload it at the Journal of Statistical Software, Vol.7, issue 10.

zt binaries have been pre-compiled for different platforms. Source code, description, examples and data files are always furnished.

Eric Bonnet & Yves Van de Peer (2002) zt: a software tool for simple and partial Mantel tests. Journal of Statistical software, vol. 7, issue 10: 1-12.

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