Transcription regulatory networks in Caenorhabditis elegans

Transcription regulatory networks in Caenorhabditis elegans inferred through reverse-engineering of gene expression profiles constitute biological hypotheses for metazoan development

Vanessa Vermeirssen, Anagha Joshi, Tom Michoel, Eric Bonnet, Tine Casneuf and Yves Van de Peer

Supplementary Information

Here you can search and view the transcription regulatory networks in C. elegans inferred by applying the LeMoNe algorithm on a compendium of Affymetrix gene expression profiles. LeMoNe generated 248 modules with a regulation program for 5020 genes and 426 regulators. By relating all genes in a module to the regulators of that module, a total of 24012 predicted transcription regulatory interactions is obtained.

You can view the results by module or search for a specific gene by public gene name, sequence name or WormBase ID, and concise description (if available).
The gene names are in accordance with WormBase version WS195 ( Use the menu on the right to navigate.
The CLR algorithm was also applied on the same microarray compendium. For the genes in the LeMoNe modules, the 6602 CLR predicted transcription regulatory interactions can also be viewed here (if available). On the module page, click on CLR predictions.

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