Results: RICEPROM_B_DNA_twist_10_852971

Input Parameters:

Remark: The plots are generated using the normalised input data which are used during the processing.

Cluster 1


AK100464.1 AK105999.1 AK101462.1 AK103513.1 AK100580.1 AK109254.1 AK104765.1 AK066999.1 AK110650.1 AK109425.1 AK104936.1 AK109174.1 AK106467.1 AK065765.1 AK070627.1 AK062088.1 AK111372.1 AK100744.1 AK107636.1 AK111020.1 AK108013.1 AK064506.1 AK103077.1 AK071741.1 AK111463.1 AK110636.1
AK073174.1 AK107727.1 AK069438.1 AK105073.1 AK100388.1 AK107672.1 AK106845.1 AK070060.1 AK068106.1 AK068825.1 OSPEROX AK103633.1 AK107690.1 AK105938.1 AK059826.1 OSTA111 AK073534.1 AK106936.1 AK063439.1 AK066767.1 AK100421.1 AK105531.1 AK106685.1 AK107738.1 AK065983.1 AY341826
AK068665.1 AK069042.1 AK107952.1 AK069369.1 AK111042.1 AK073570.1 AF432204 AY341859 AK105371.1 AK100588.1 AK099506.1 AK102312.1 AK102018.1 AK109008.1 AK110952.1 AK106892.1 AK069852.1 AK105713.1 AK060336.1 AK109476.1 AK069478.1 OST151 AK068694.1 AK067093.1 AK067319.1 AK099615.1
AK104301.1 AK106704.1 AK070344.1 AK067435.1 AK106101.1 AK110687.1 AK100436.1 AK105546.1 AK059434.1 AK100803.1 AK107077.1 AK110778.1 AK067079.1 AK101452.1 AK105735.1 AK103855.1 AK110949.1 AK058799.1 AK106831.1 AK071622.1 AK062256.1 AK110811.1 AK060645.1 AK059194.1 AK111319.1 AK061196.1
AK106377.1 AK109353.1 AK106548.1 AK107179.1 AK111380.1 AK105412.1 AK108642.1 AK071030.1 AK063011.1 AK102454.1 AK111428.1 AK107564.1 AK069079.1 AK098864.1 OSA250311 AY333187 AK102349.1 AK106828.1 AK100836.1 AK111268.1 AK111014.1 AK102385.1 AK107917.1 OSAB2820 AK101206.1 AK107960.1
AK109546.1 AK102008.1 AK110942.1 AK065167.1 AK109619.1 AK107161.1 AK105183.1 AK059594.1 AK107953.1 AK107757.1 AK064104.1 AK102592.1 AK069410.1 AK064823.1 AK109484.1 AK061440.1 AK106327.1 AK105078.1 AK109753.1 AK064376.1 AK066158.1 AK064220.1 AK102836.1 AK073197.1 AK105910.1 AK101856.1
AK108846.1 AY344491 AK110971.1 AK103583.1 AK107049.1 AK110775.1 AK073931.1 AK071601.1 AK060159.1 AK099438.1 AK101093.1 AY164896 AK070265.1 AY164899 AK107329.1 AK106022.1 AK100608.1 AK107372.1 AK073666.1 AK072937.1 AK061789.1 AK101508.1 AK071434.1 AK106490.1 AK071238.1 AK098941.1
AK102182.1 AK073880.1 AK111327.1 AK105583.1 AK106538.1 AK099198.1 AK102328.1 AK072352.1 AK073307.1 AK068714.1 AK102077.1 AK064504.1 AK109688.1 AK108283.1 AK109238.1 AK067905.1 AK065829.1 AK106378.1 AK069436.1 AK099950.1 AK103711.1 AK071365.1 AK105692.1 AK068750.1 AK063419.1 AK068921.1
AK110979.1 AK066649.1 AK100303.1 AK100107.1 AK106240.1 AK072632.1 AK106861.1 AK106763.1 AK107492.1 AK108349.1 AK069821.1 AK101301.1 AK108490.1 AK066046.1 AK102978.1 AK099594.1 AK072454.1 AK099667.1 AK105406.1 AK073779.1 AK106600.1 AK065604.1 AK067909.1 AK062025.1 AK067135.1 AK107925.1
AK107827.1 AK099333.1 AK109089.1 OSGA3 AK068035.1 AK109202.1 AK107845.1 AK107649.1 AK111033.1 AK059305.1 AK108941.1 AK109572.1 AK106865.1 AK067749.1 AK102132.1 AK110053.1 AK110772.1 AK110224.1 OSBTUBULI AK107235.1 OSA18348 AK101047.1 AK070865.1 AK106778.1 AK104840.1 AK103395.1
OSSS22411 AK067506.1 AK064475.1 AK107972.1 AK072494.1 AK109206.1 AK110758.1 AK073296.1 AK062766.1 AK106894.1 AK103639.1 AK069404.1 AK062937.1 AK103061.1 AK072062.1 AK107246.1 AK060185.1 AK065197.1 AK108767.1 AK106887.1 AK101229.1 AK062505.1 AK110990.1 AK107068.1 AK073656.1 AK106902.1
AK104924.1 AB077993 D87261 AK105824.1 AK111317.1 AK072171.1 AK072694.1 AK105123.1 AK073071.1 AK058609.1 AK073242.1 AK107896.1 AK105141.1 OSPROL7A AK106913.1 AK071435.1 AK073119.1 AK103432.1 AK101552.1 AY336989 AK100376.1 AK068969.1 AK073155.1 AK107904.1 AK107708.1 AK102895.1
AK111291.1 AK068112.1 AK062570.1 OS60097 AK107105.1 AK109380.1 AK073173.1 AK104695.1 AK104147.1 AK073148.1 AK105919.1 AK068653.1 AK111088.1 AK072364.1 AK104067.1 AK066170.1 AK065049.1 AK071188.1 AK068475.1 AK107214.1 AK110744.1 AK062654.1 AK108989.1 AK072920.1 AK106405.1
AK101916.1 AK108680.1 AK059469.1 AK108132.1 AK101469.1 AK070862.1 AK099334.1 AK109359.1 AK105345.1 AK100856.1 AK059331.1 AK108379.1 AK099679.1 AK108648.1 AK100057.1 AK106067.1 AK073904.1 AK069942.1 AK059073.1 AK107759.1 AK066803.1 AK062749.1 AK109388.1 AK106877.1 AK104899.1
AK071047.1 AK073646.1 AK107973.1 AK109403.1 AF402797 AK103215.1 AK070630.1 AK109054.1 AK104369.1 AK059506.1 OSGAMYB AK101506.1 AK108793.1 AK069677.1 AK107516.1 AK105636.1 AK109399.1 AK063431.1 AK109610.1 AK061722.1 AK070372.1 AK101894.1 AK065387.1 OSU95968 AK063155.1
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Cluster 2


AK065108.1 AK061348.1 AK058733.1 AK059364.1 AK099709.1 AK106670.1 AK108452.1 AK068381.1 AK073497.1 AK106899.1 AK109450.1 AK072416.1 AK109679.1 AY224504 AK104511.1 AK103262.1 AK071632.1 AK060386.1 AK065144.1 AK061904.1 AK107098.1 AK103084.1 AK100377.1
AK073334.1 AK108096.1 AK102101.1 AK102820.1 AK111470.1 AK111176.1 AK109810.1 AK105404.1 AK105306.1 OS19030 AK109534.1 AK107654.1 AK069365.1 AK109901.1 AK058584.1 AK104769.1 AK100207.1 AK060430.1 AK063562.1 AK109374.1 AK104010.1 AK111300.1
AK100152.1 AK073632.1 AK064266.1 AK061207.1 AK105139.1 AK109196.1 AK067863.1 AK071051.1 AK099513.1 AK099317.1 AK108060.1 AK059862.1 AK107080.1 AK106057.1 AK102817.1 AK065551.1 AK108950.1 AK063025.1 OSHOX1 AK062314.1 AK108747.1 AK106093.1
AK107066.1 AK071774.1 AK111071.1 AK108260.1 AK100614.1 AK106159.1 AK065050.1 AK107720.1 AK063497.1 AK109226.1 AK108598.1 AK105310.1 AK110328.1 AK102309.1 AK108344.1 AK101100.1 AK108515.1 AK104559.1 AK101797.1 OS30477 AB003324 AK107455.1
AK105575.1 AK059830.1 AK109451.1 AK105691.1 AK073415.1 AK109426.1 AK108798.1 AK101300.1 AK104530.1 AK062187.1 AK111079.1 AK106584.1 AK066880.1 AK109985.1 AK102741.1 OSAB3194 AK104247.1 AK062590.1 AK103561.1 AK111286.1 AK070682.1 AK106791.1
AK108475.1 AK108025.1 AK104461.1 AK068052.1 AK064714.1 AK104788.1 AK069628.1 AK102131.1 AK111007.1 AK107045.1 AK105532.1 AK103554.1 AK111025.1 AK101126.1 AK058963.1 AK070497.1 AK069018.1 AK060191.1 AK107252.1 AK110880.1 AK110332.1 AK103761.1
AK110757.1 AK108773.1 AK105292.1 AK066176.1 AK072639.1 AK099623.1 AK108497.1 AK070156.1 AK105536.1 AK105481.1 AK106534.1 AK110793.1 AK102422.1 AK107532.1 AK108261.1 AK110964.1 AK066536.1 AK108784.1 AK105823.1 AK108138.1 AY345599 AK110688.1
AK099187.1 AK100012.1 AK061811.1 AK108254.1 AK070167.1 AK101885.1 AK111138.1 AY339379 AK100088.1 AK105816.1 AK102237.1 AK065215.1 AK104952.1 AK104502.1 AK111272.1 AK106287.1 AK110292.1 AF543419 AK107609.1 AK102894.1 AK109786.1 AK109532.1
AK103892.1 AK103540.1 AK111011.1 AK111283.1 AK101708.1 AK108570.1 AK109623.1 AK070033.1 AK105217.1 AK109176.1 AK108447.1 AK107296.1 AK109797.1 AK105260.1 AK103282.1 AK107369.1 AK109910.1 AY327043 AK108015.1 OSGPROTBS AK106306.1 AK103275.1
AK111098.1 AK108905.1 AK107852.1 AK063528.1 AK107558.1 AK060243.1 AK106872.1 AK108727.1 AK104967.1 AK068656.1 AK108770.1 AK069556.1 AK065894.1 AK106440.1 AK103580.1 AK106091.1 AK105983.1 AK059773.1 AK110420.1 AK059127.1 AK106883.1 AK100793.1
AK106956.1 AK061129.1 AK100964.1 AK102648.1 AK109231.1 AK109108.1 AK111487.1 AK109772.1 AK073467.1 AK108847.1 AK070182.1 AK106193.1 AK106095.1 AK071758.1 AB053295 AK109918.1 AK104655.1 AK110794.1 AK069171.1 AK064584.1 AK059443.1 AK099366.1
AK108531.1 AK107508.1 OSA311051 AK103072.1 AK102612.1 AK106840.1 AK104862.1 AK105817.1 AK107446.1 AK100300.1 AK111353.1 OSAAMYB AK101625.1 AK108713.1 AK106637.1 AK104209.1 AK071624.1 AK073972.1 AK102641.1 AK065503.1 AK063623.1 AK108902.1
AK108804.1 AK070491.1 AK108030.1 AK064621.1 AK109900.1 AK105846.1 AK107279.1 AK069706.1 AK065891.1 AK100827.1 AK111259.1 AK063463.1 AK106862.1 AK103607.1 AK110998.1 AK099919.1 AK103650.1 AK109813.1 AK108564.1 AK108539.1 AK104877.1 AK059592.1
AK073101.1 AK106503.1 AK103570.1 AK101818.1 AK105327.1 AK107926.1 AK063024.1 AK105370.1 AK103716.1 AK068330.1 AK101738.1 AK109653.1 AK104463.1 AY030360 AK110675.1 OSA238117 AK065463.1 AK064538.1 AK111125.1 OSIMPB2 AK058867.1 AK102028.1
AK099363.1 AK108659.1 AK103818.1 AK063943.1 OSRGA1X AK109559.1 AK101785.1 AK111488.1 AK107174.1 AK104213.1 AK070801.1 AK107541.1 AK107149.1 AK110679.1 AB019533 AK063881.1 AK100896.1 AK104500.1 AK107534.1 AK099465.1 AK100715.1 AK064502.1
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Cluster 3


AK103945.1 AK069092.1 AK066905.1 AK073577.1 AK111092.1 AK071345.1 AK107258.1 AK067031.1 AK110901.1 AY224503 AK063515.1 AK067899.1 AK105738.1 AK099549.1 AK100123.1 AK060052.1 AK099665.1
AK101023.1 AK066062.1 AK071178.1 AK059466.1 AK100835.1 AK101368.1 AK066404.1 AK108750.1 AK103811.1 AK060118.1 AK111438.1 AK100036.1 AK107026.1 AK106692.1 AK111031.1 AK108024.1 AK099324.1
AK101303.1 AK110770.1 AK100127.1 AK071302.1 AK108467.1 AK073552.1 AK107781.1 AK109269.1 AK109807.1 AK109385.1 AK107927.1 AK061414.1 AK065373.1 AK106540.1 AK102501.1 AK100370.1 AK108413.1
AK073458.1 AK062154.1 AK102846.1 AK101866.1 AK069315.1 AK106878.1 AK109389.1 AK072242.1 AK106446.1 AK109676.1 AK066717.1 AK068175.1 AK067391.1 AK109219.1 AK105459.1 AK072776.1 AK069191.1
AK073872.1 AK111191.1 AK111093.1 AK108184.1 AK060296.1 AK063948.1 AK105070.1 AK062518.1 AB040051 AK060060.1 AK100654.1 AK067377.1 AK067025.1 AK109273.1 AK107368.1 AK102527.1 AK073506.1
AK072878.1 AK101024.1 AK110619.1 AK102120.1 AK103078.1 AK107009.1 AK063570.1 AK108203.1 AK103518.1 AK061934.1 AK108671.1 AK066946.1 AK066499.1 AK067072.1 AK111279.1 AK106955.1 AK110862.1
AK103841.1 AK110739.1 AK059413.1 AK073375.1 AK109459.1 AK066721.1 AK099256.1 AY344485 AK062587.1 AK060101.1 AK101849.1 AK064809.1 AK073771.1 AK060813.1 AK108505.1 AK063847.1 AY017415
AK108450.1 AK070069.1 AK110801.1 AK101380.1 AK105663.1 AK099997.1 AK111058.1 AK108541.1 AK105932.1 AK106367.1 AK101976.1 AK108810.1 AY028315 AY062179 AK069149.1 AK108984.1
AK100368.1 AK111436.1 AK070538.1 AK064794.1 AK105144.1 AK101555.1 OSRAB25 AK058477.1 AK107140.1 AK065415.1 AK107565.1 E14790 AK100070.1 AK110914.1 AK109463.1 AK109169.1
AK099039.1 AK070117.1 AK103391.1 AK100880.1 AK108629.1 AK102539.1 AK103112.1 AK101330.1 AK062933.1 OS34598 AK099947.1 AK111302.1 AK105282.1 AK103726.1 AK099711.1 AY100689
AK098985.1 AK060370.1 AK102942.1 AK069240.1 AK108683.1 AK059414.1 AK110235.1 AK106992.1 AK108774.1 AK108520.1 AK061263.1 AK107892.1 AK071039.1 AK105635.1 AK070876.1 AK068442.1
AK068711.1 AK062973.1 AK109838.1 AK102891.1 AK064152.1 AK105671.1 AK069335.1 AK062290.1 AK107994.1 AK102532.1 AK101650.1 AK110526.1 AK102507.1 AK061481.1 AK107715.1 AK107014.1
AK108364.1 AK066835.1 AK108012.1 AK106034.1 AK103523.1 AK071177.1 AF194416 AK100213.1 AK103443.1 AK073271.1 AK067034.1 AK105610.1 AK110922.1 AK111357.1 AK073264.1 AK073787.1
AK071359.1 AK060829.1 AK108197.1 AK072724.1 AK072644.1 AK103661.1 AK066621.1 AK109628.1 AK071780.1 AK107919.1 AK064563.1 AK072808.1 AK102206.1 AK067245.1 AK108960.1 AK111321.1
AK065634.1 AK061972.1 AK071127.1 AK101146.1 AK106256.1 AK067336.1 AK073410.1 AK106292.1 AK059992.1 AK103153.1 AK104108.1 AK103055.1 AK109414.1 AK108688.1 AK067888.1 AK073054.1
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Cluster 4


AK108409.1 AK106841.1 AK073668.1 AK111085.1 AK064440.1 AK073316.1 AK105763.1 AK071185.1 AK101978.1 AK070104.1 AK107465.1 AK100025.1 AK107015.1 AK067140.1
AK109607.1 AK064328.1 AK103869.1 AK071832.1 AK105513.1 AK110629.1 AK070950.1 AK109178.1 AK103902.1 AF017364 AK103259.1 AK073185.1 AK110690.1 AK111449.1
AK071378.1 AK106758.1 AK106308.1 AK073527.1 AY341847 AK072220.1 AK106776.1 AK106326.1 AK110683.1 AK066524.1 AK107847.1 AK060183.1 AK102127.1 AK109411.1
AK107858.1 AK107702.1 AK111333.1 AK073044.1 AK058821.1 AK108794.1 AK107291.1 AK105680.1 AK111075.1 AK072522.1 AK107088.1 AK109883.1 AK072849.1 AK107030.1
AK101518.1 AK100269.1 AK073226.1 AK064423.1 AK058752.1 AK058556.1 AK106591.1 AK101750.1 AK107295.1 AK111003.1 AK109640.1 AK061008.1 AK103329.1 AK106207.1
AK065407.1 AK099659.1 AK068132.1 AK073869.1 AK105939.1 AK072904.1 AK104356.1 AK111141.1 AK066703.1 AK100360.1 AK102861.1 AF281000 AK061219.1 AK064449.1
AK105096.1 AK068252.1 AK106516.1 AK099372.1 AK106461.1 AK103950.1 AK108610.1 AK106730.1 AK066463.1 AK104923.1 AK064558.1 AK066089.1 AK109855.1 AK102531.1
AK061731.1 AK105761.1 AK065818.1 AK103333.1 AK107714.1 AK109710.1 AK108265.1 AK100913.1 AK066133.1 AK100637.1 AK072149.1 AK111338.1 AK104611.1 AK099772.1
AK105511.1 AK068899.1 OSRNACB5 AK105954.1 AK105308.1 AK060766.1 AK064275.1 AK062199.1 AK068558.1 AK107126.1 AK068402.1 AK100757.1 AK102484.1 AY046928
AK103032.1 AK072556.1 AK106687.1 AK101127.1 AK101919.1 AK062871.1 AK107758.1 AK061695.1 AK104996.1 AK072916.1 AK072763.1 AK108676.1 AK065121.1 AK070531.1
AK105715.1 AK107075.1 AK102234.1 AK110253.1 AK099471.1 AK067796.1 AK111422.1 AK099813.1 AK100445.1 AK058812.1 AK102597.1 AK107355.1 AK104746.1
AK071769.1 AK072048.1 AK111335.1 AK108622.1 AK104960.1 AK072938.1 AK100358.1 AK105116.1 AK067121.1 AK065862.1 AK107112.1 AK102623.1 AK070996.1
AK099664.1 AK105828.1 AK099214.1 AK102543.1 AK102910.1 AK058289.1 AK100852.1 AK061485.1 AK062189.1 AK102979.1 AK060498.1 AK062320.1 AK105229.1
AK110639.1 AK111368.1 AK109384.1 AK069833.1 AK059836.1 AK073994.1 AK110853.1 AK105167.1 AK108593.1 AK106452.1 AK101767.1 AK109330.1 AK067281.1
AK070939.1 AK105447.1 AK102838.1 AK062865.1 AK106699.1 AK103836.1 AK106518.1 AK105269.1 AK063838.1 AK099276.1 AK068697.1 AK108165.1 AK062622.1
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Cluster 5


AK099734.1 OSA270955 AK103865.1 AK101789.1 AK109156.1 AK107897.1 AK062462.1 AK103785.1 AK069975.1 OSRNAHIS3 AK104333.1 AK109345.1 AK107988.1 AK066934.1 AK070997.1
AK099313.1 AK111390.1 OSPC2SA AK098954.1 AK064001.1 AK106772.1 AK109087.1 AK109552.1 AK105596.1 AK109723.1 AK105963.1 AK064517.1 AK100250.1 AK105981.1 AK108565.1
AK108017.1 AK072529.1 AK061479.1 AK109211.1 AK105622.1 AK073276.1 AK102664.1 AK062691.1 AK072718.1 AK061668.1 AK069809.1 AK108420.1 AK104464.1 AK069206.1 AK065969.1
AK111402.1 AK099992.1 AK106264.1 AK109592.1 AK106885.1 AK105608.1 AK108881.1 OSDIHYFLA AF306651 AK061443.1 AK065671.1 AK106348.1 AK109422.1 AK058570.1 AK098915.1
AK102973.1 AK063181.1 AK060115.1 AK101732.1 AK110920.1 AK107913.1 AK106566.1 AY187678 AK109789.1 AK105677.1 AK108007.1 AK110009.1 AK061160.1 AK102905.1 AK071906.1
AK104381.1 AK062950.1 AK106686.1 OSU88068 AK064456.1 AK062576.1 AK068586.1 AK101838.1 AK067254.1 AK111403.1 AK105267.1 AK099993.1 AK065367.1 AK104302.1 AK065189.1
AK100462.1 AK060195.1 AK107975.1 OSYK2 AK110859.1 AK101689.1 AK108777.1 AY339378 AK102433.1 AK065494.1 AK111156.1 AK071085.1 AK106832.1 AK099761.1
AK105108.1 AK070716.1 AK107554.1 AK101268.1 AK073964.1 AK101580.1 AK065792.1 AK104800.1 AK111022.1 AK070222.1 AK108211.1 AK060323.1 AK103820.1 AK108113.1
AK106233.1 AK065433.1 AK106658.1 AY072714 AK109536.1 AK109474.1 AK109547.1 AK107667.1 AK099271.1 OSA421722 AK100423.1 AK073383.1 AK106589.1 AK111124.1
AK061350.1 AK100092.1 AK101316.1 OSRGP1 AK106542.1 AK102880.1 AK058877.1 AK109126.1 AK102659.1 AK109943.1 AK062955.1 AK109496.1 AK072153.1 AK063350.1
AK066751.1 AK073398.1 AK102361.1 AK108175.1 AK059650.1 AK065299.1 AK103334.1 AK100529.1 AK108248.1 AK099744.1 AK069949.1 AK111371.1 AK064432.1 AF193345
AK103272.1 AK107457.1 AK068439.1 AK111266.1 OSAF5492 AK064523.1 AK070310.1 AK104165.1 AK102707.1 AK071384.1 AK071032.1 AK101629.1 AK108815.1 AK108491.1
AK062385.1 AK071203.1 AK108041.1 AK106782.1 AK068719.1 AK106430.1 AK100863.1 AK108386.1 AK100413.1 AK100315.1 AK107501.1 AK108230.1 OSPDECOOH AK099432.1
AK066156.1 AK101160.1 AK100333.1 AK107323.1 AK100954.1 AK110657.1 AK070782.1 AK107497.1 AK107399.1 AK102558.1 AK061758.1 AK073806.1 AK106532.1 AK100540.1
AK072150.1 AK108757.1 AK099959.1 AK099381.1 AK102235.1 AK058526.1 OS37936 AK111350.1 AK107192.1 AK107094.1 AK064836.1 AK106986.1 AK111147.1 AK108532.1
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Cluster 6


AK107454.1 AK104747.1 AK107200.1 AK071810.1 AK064324.1 AK058457.1 AK070903.1 AK110374.1 AK106827.1 OSBETAT
AK106918.1 AK101034.1 AK101557.1 AK069627.1 AK108198.1 AK099171.1 AK102007.1 AK104101.1 AK105353.1 AK102744.1
AK105273.1 AK105731.1 AK103753.1 AK106435.1 AK063501.1 AK101343.1 AK074006.1 AK101768.1 AK061149.1 AK100886.1
AK110531.1 AK104762.1 AK099201.1 AK068248.1 OSGTPBP AK102788.1 AK062463.1 AK066666.1 AK107212.1 AK104352.1
OSAF4947 OSCDPKRNA AK109840.1 AK058596.1 AK072203.1 AK108018.1 AK066263.1 OS40SSRPC AK103743.1 AK107928.1
AK106679.1 AK069908.1 AK062765.1 AY344483 OSU25284 AK071488.1 AK072061.1 AK068521.1 OSA238318 AK100444.1
AK101990.1 AK105725.1 AK066285.1 AK108181.1 AK107176.1 AK068779.1 D85751 AK100295.1 AK108534.1
AK109263.1 AK108381.1 AK072461.1 AK072803.1 AK106585.1 AK099144.1 AK059646.1 AK066838.1 AK100764.1
OSU57641 AK059141.1 AK106226.1 AK107576.1 AK066874.1 AK063619.1 AK107242.1 AK110943.1 AK062755.1
AK107431.1 AK068413.1 AK070440.1 AK066159.1 AK108872.1 AK106796.1 AK105366.1 AK073736.1 AK070778.1
AK111324.1 AK107533.1 AK099751.1 AK069800.1 AK108949.1 AK063710.1 AK108346.1 AK110798.1 AK061300.1
AK100547.1 AK063281.1 AK072059.1 AK069811.1 AK110987.1 AK109878.1 AK104514.1 AK109820.1 AK099773.1
AK100478.1 OSCYSPRO OSMYB1402 AK103527.1 AK068468.1 AK102449.1 AK068559.1 AK061936.1 AK108223.1
AK105516.1 AK101854.1 OSAF1505 AK111052.1 AK068791.1 AK109312.1 AK063925.1 AK065707.1 AK111045.1
AK109780.1 AK109682.1 AK105349.1 AK111430.1 AK104140.1 AK072118.1 AK072782.1 AK108597.1 AK061606.1
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Cluster 7


AK070096.1 AK072710.1 AK111256.1 AK066240.1 OS33283 AK068015.1 AY224562 AK110850.1 AK109429.1
AK062989.1 AK101150.1 AK106587.1 AK108681.1 AK064201.1 AK108852.1 AK067929.1 AK105542.1 AK100955.1
AK106794.1 AK108576.1 AK060688.1 AK061432.1 AK105560.1 AK059154.1 AK062782.1 AK102773.1 AK111413.1
AK070362.1 AK111406.1 AK111057.1 AK103953.1 AK106987.1 AK107364.1 AK104403.1 AK066016.1 AK103873.1
AF067194 AK106032.1 AK060547.1 AK100367.1 AK067482.1 AK104341.1 AK062616.1 AK104316.1 AK072010.1
AK108660.1 AY332478 AK062122.1 AK104076.1 AK108653.1 AK107575.1 AK099307.1 AK104069.1 AK072733.1
AK110150.1 AK102458.1 AK105721.1 AK111410.1 AK100353.1 AK099797.1 AK101351.1 AK107801.1 AK103071.1
AK108083.1 AK102963.1 AK073648.1 AK106447.1 D87547 AK101722.1 OSA495797 AK101994.1
AK107031.1 AK109630.1 AK102869.1 AK069461.1 AK109605.1 AK100484.1 AK072516.1 AK100557.1
AK060559.1 AK103878.1 AK059744.1 AK058495.1 AK109438.1 AK104077.1 AK062744.1 AK065001.1
AK072294.1 AK104713.1 AK100129.1 AK111378.1 AK058866.1 AK071790.1 AK101218.1 AK105562.1
AK110620.1 AK106633.1 OSD12777 AK108371.1 AK060709.1 AK106466.1 AK065855.1 AK106728.1
AK067680.1 AK061394.1 AK068286.1 AK063968.1 AK063561.1 AK066090.1 AK069448.1 AK101026.1
AK103723.1 AK108931.1 AK109439.1 AK106227.1 AK109301.1 AK062469.1 AK073889.1 AK070307.1
AK101829.1 AK107864.1 AK060353.1 AK070873.1 AK111412.1 AK106993.1 OSRBOHA AK107788.1
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Cluster 8


AK064847.1 AK066476.1 AK106576.1 AK109897.1 AK109799.1 AK111474.1 AK109465.1
OS17HSP AK066077.1 AK099426.1 AK099444.1 AK104359.1 AK073556.1 AK109313.1
AK109215.1 AK065904.1 AK107506.1 AK070239.1 AK102686.1 AK102955.1 AK102450.1
AK070820.1 AK100447.1 AK106130.1 AK102868.1 AK101365.1 AK100538.1 AK103049.1
AK072148.1 AK064129.1 AK099230.1 AK110480.1 AK067824.1 AK109778.1 AK107099.1
OSA004965 OSA004966 AK101529.1 AK108617.1 AK069293.1 AK104327.1 AK101296.1
AK063723.1 AK109553.1 AK101151.1 AK102727.1 OSU65956 AK100219.1 AK102916.1
AK109924.1 AK060435.1 AK100059.1 AK103485.1 OSOSA2 AK063208.1 AK106258.1
AK110238.1 AK068605.1 AK103838.1 AK066547.1 AK101355.1 AK066060.1 AK110561.1
AK061448.1 AK072094.1 AK071652.1 AK100862.1 AK109213.1 AK107954.1 AK072999.1
AY164903 AK101261.1 AK066722.1 AK108792.1 AK065833.1 AK100187.1
AK072785.1 AK058296.1 AK110911.1 AK070760.1 AK060215.1 AK067321.1
AK101204.1 AK073900.1 AK103977.1 AK064552.1 AK064454.1 AK103040.1
AK102311.1 AY323950 AK107170.1 AK106434.1 AK107163.1 AK068839.1
AK109584.1 AK107966.1 AK102504.1 AK103135.1 AK110697.1 AK066269.1
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Cluster 9


AK105320.1 AK060016.1 AK107374.1 AK108020.1 AK066135.1 AK099600.1 AK107574.1
AK101659.1 AK109320.1 AK100777.1 AK109396.1 AK072729.1 AK058810.1
AK062423.1 AK106624.1 AK104755.1 AK109785.1 AK110706.1 AK072787.1
AK103779.1 AK066935.1 AK105405.1 AK066684.1 AK105154.1 AK103274.1
AK107851.1 AK101638.1 AK061763.1 AK100756.1 AK102581.1 AK060515.1
AK111330.1 AK101711.1 AK100560.1 AK072072.1 AK103144.1 AK107525.1
AK104142.1 AK107347.1 AK071605.1 AK063139.1 AK110797.1 AK068445.1
AK103326.1 AK105827.1 AK103173.1 AK105845.1 AK105649.1 AK062969.1
AK102437.1 AK106690.1 AK108832.1 AK060944.1 AK106829.1 AK105093.1
AK073013.1 AK105885.1 AK062305.1 AK107039.1 AK073474.1 AK106876.1
AK061499.1 AK107155.1 AK105708.1 AK109413.1 AK104942.1 AK107101.1
AK103316.1 AK105395.1 AK109849.1 AK108095.1 AK059799.1 AK111346.1
AK100296.1 AK066305.1 AK107123.1 AK065318.1 AK100747.1 AK065002.1
OSKETHA OSWX AK108764.1 AK108666.1 AK061678.1 AK062970.1
AK067409.1 AK103044.1 AK067543.1 AK102972.1 OSA272394
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Cluster 10


AK073479.1 AK071094.1 AK104144.1 AK107178.1
AK107643.1 AK065431.1 AK065406.1 AK100109.1
AK100846.1 AK104275.1 AK105175.1 AK107970.1
AK058352.1 AK058541.1 AK060194.1 AK110858.1
AK063686.1 AK063327.1 AK063345.1 AK106737.1
AK109731.1 AK069366.1 AK109804.1 AK109608.1
AK111359.1 AK107118.1 AK110593.1 OSCHINDPR
AK105986.1 OSAF1396 AK072109.1 AK110630.1
AK070705.1 AK110975.1 AK067995.1 AK103958.1
AK059817.1 AK109707.1 AK111287.1 AK070683.1
AK107863.1 AK111298.1 AK109932.1 AK103933.1
AK106967.1 AK107802.1 AK060832.1 AK103686.1
AK105145.1 AK071733.1 AK068628.1 AK073606.1
AK070379.1 AK070070.1 AK059422.1 AK107588.1
AK104042.1 AK106445.1 AK109072.1
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Cluster 11


AK110705.1 AK111409.1 AK102551.1 AK108805.1
AK110923.1 AK107818.1 AK109349.1 AK071222.1
AK098969.1 AK059270.1 AK106606.1 AK106355.1
AK063218.1 AK065410.1 AK105582.1 AK110967.1
AK068902.1 AK102650.1 AK107637.1 AK101663.1
AK109902.1 AK065247.1 AK099129.1 AK099946.1
AK064169.1 AK071593.1 AK101162.1 AF198626
AK105638.1 AK063426.1 AK060199.1 AK100648.1
AF241166 AK106749.1 AK063717.1 AK106963.1
AK058423.1 AK103141.1 AK070785.1
AK069342.1 OSR22CDNA AK105737.1
AK068464.1 AK106819.1 AK067477.1
AK107232.1 AK111310.1 AK058235.1
AK109221.1 AK108314.1 AK105509.1
AK106347.1 AK110893.1 AK100021.1
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Cluster 12


AK062328.1 AK111361.1 AK099476.1 AK066665.1
AK072256.1 AK073621.1 OSBZIPPA AB001885
AK104711.1 AK109276.1 AK071727.1 AK069743.1
AK070692.1 AK109538.1 AK062942.1 AK062495.1
AK099266.1 AK064764.1 AK062877.1 AK071041.1
AK100487.1 AK108824.1 AK100676.1 AK106261.1
AK108657.1 AK065374.1 AK106363.1 AK111414.1
AK100651.1 AK068895.1 AK103406.1 AK102720.1
AK108803.1 AK106320.1 AK063193.1 AK106818.1
OSU92541 AK109456.1 AY345224 AK111320.1
AK111411.1 AK111073.1 AK107282.1 AK109431.1
AK067186.1 AK070455.1 AK101200.1
AK105871.1 AK106136.1 AK100961.1
AK109580.1 AK110828.1 AK071773.1
AK101073.1 AK105356.1 AK064825.1
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If you use these results please cite the following paper:
  De Smet F., Mathys J., Marchal K., Thijs G., De Moor B. & Moreau Y. 2002. Adaptive Quality-based clustering of gene expression profiles, Bioinformatics, 18(6), 735-746.

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