All COGs for xylellafastidiosa9a5c : D
Genes (#)COGCOG description
2COG0772Bacterial cell division membrane protein
1COG1192ATPases involved in chromosome partitioning
1COG2884Predicted ATPase involved in cell division
1COG2894Septum formation inhibitor-activating ATPase

Included Genes in xylellafastidiosa9a5c : D
AE003849_1263650AAF84122.133838COG0772Bacterial cell division membrane proteinrod shape-determining protein
AE003849_746661AAF83606.133838COG0772Bacterial cell division membrane proteincell division protein
AE003849_2171886AAF85081.127800COG1192ATPases involved in chromosome partitioningchromosome partitioning protein
AE003849_2574130AAF85492.135629COG2884Predicted ATPase involved in cell divisionABC transporter ATP-binding protein
AE003849_1271724AAF84130.127800COG2894Septum formation inhibitor-activating ATPaseseptum site-determining protein

Excluded Genes in xylellafastidiosa9a5c : D
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