Network Motif Clustering Toolbox

The Network Notif Clustering Toolbox is a Matlab/Octave toolbox for clustering topological network motifs in large-scale, integrated networks. The clustering algorithm is based on rigorous mathematical results and has been validated on an integrated yeast interaction network. See the following publication for more information:

1. T. Michoel, A. Joshi, B. Nachtergaele and Y. Van de Peer, Clustering of topological network motifs reveals common principles of transcriptional and posttranslational regulation in yeast (2010).

Version 1.1 contains functions for

  • Edge clustering
  • Network motif clustering (3-node)
  • Calculating network motif enrichment (3-node)
  • Generating random networks

The Network Notif Clustering Toolbox is freely available for non-commercial use. We ask that you register here before downloading the software.

For more information, contact Tom Michoel or Yves Van de Peer.

For any commercial use, contact Barbara Leyman.



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