ADHoRe (Automatic Detection of Homologous Regions) is a software tool that automatically detects genomic regions with statistically significant conserved gene content and order. Therefore, this tool can be used for analyses within one genome (to look for paralogous regions with duplicated genes) or for comparisons between genomes of different organisms (to look for colinearity). The algorithm was especially designed to cope with micro-rearrangements (events frequently observed within different plant lineages), since these greatly complicate the search for colinear regions.

Vandepoele, K., Saeys, Y., Simillion, C., Raes, J., Van de Peer, Y. (2002) The Automatic Detection of Homologous Regions (ADHoRe) and its application to microcolinearity between Arabidopsis and Rice. Genome Res. 12(11):1792-801.



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