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De Schutter, K., Lin, Y.-C., Tiels, P., Van Hecke, A., Glinka, S., Weber-Lehmann, J., Rouzé, P., Van de Peer, Y., Callewaert, L. (2009) Genome sequence of the recombinant protein production host Pichia pastoris, a methylotrophic yeast. Nature Biotechnology 27(6):561-6.

Mattanovich, D., Callewaert, L., Rouzé, P., Lin, Y.-C., Graf, A., Redl, A., Tiels, P., Gasser, B., De Schutter, K. (2009) Open access to sequence: Browsing the Pichia pastoris genome. Microbial Cell Factories 8:53.


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