The quest for genomic homology.

New initiatives to sequence complete genomes of related organisms have introduced a new era of large-scaleevolutionary genomics. The comparative analysis of these genomes allows us to obtain a comprehensive view of manyaspects of eukaryotic genome evolution. Consequently, new computational methods and approaches are being developedin order to investigate chromosomal organisation, rearrangements and segmental homology. Here, we review the differenttechniques currently available to identify homologous chromosomal segments in closely and more distantly relatedspecies and highlight some of the difficulties inherent to the statistical validation of putative genomic homology. Inaddition, advantages of cross-species genome analysis are discussed as well as novel approaches to study large-scale geneduplications.

Vandepoele, K., Simillion, C., Van de Peer, Y. (2004) The quest for genomic homology. Curr. Genomics 5(4):299-308.

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