A Cytoscape app for motif enumeration with ISMAGS

Summary: We present a Cytoscape app for the ISMAGS algorithm, which can enumerate all instances of a motif in a graph, making optimal use of the motif's symmetries to make the search more efficient. The Cytoscape app provides a handy interface for this algorithm, which allows more efficient network analysis.

Availability and implementation: The Cytoscape app for ISMAGS can be freely downloaded from the Cytoscape App store http://apps.cytoscape.org/apps/ismags. Source code and documentation for ISMAGS are available at https://github.com/biointec/ismags. Source code and documentation for the Cytoscape app are available at https://gitlab.psb.ugent.be/thpar/ISMAGS_Cytoscape.

Van Parys, T., Melckenbeeck, I., Houbraken, M., Audenaert, P., Colle, J., Pickavet, M., Demeester, P., Van de Peer, Y. (2017) A Cytoscape app for motif enumeration with ISMAGS. Bioinformatics (In Press).

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