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* Ruprecht, C., * Lohaus, R., Vanneste, K., Mutwil, M., Nikoloski, Z., * Van de Peer, Y., * Persson, S. (2017) Revisiting ancestral polyploidy in plants. Science Advances 3(7):e1603195. *contributed equally

Mizrachi, E., Verbeke, L. P. C., Christie, K.R., Fierro, A.C., Mansfield, S.D. , Davis, J., Gjersing, E., Tuskan, G., Van Montagu, M., Van de Peer, Y., Marchal, K., Myburg, A.A. (2016) Network-based integration of systems genetics data reveals pathways associated with lignocellulosic biomass accumulation and processing. PNAS 114(5):1195-1200.

Vlastaridis, P., Kyriakidou, P., Chaliotis, A., Van de Peer, Y., Oliver, S., Amoutzias, G. (2016) Estimating the total number of phosphoproteins and phosphorylation sites in eukaryotic proteomes. GigaScience 6(2):1-11.

Yao, Y., Storme, V., Marchal, K., Van de Peer, Y. (2016) Emergent adaptive behaviour of GRN-controlled simulated robots in a changing environment. PeerJ 4:e2812.

Perazzolli, M., Herrero, J., Sterck, L., Lenzi, L., Pellegrini, A., Puopolo, G., Van de Peer, Y., Pertot, I. (2016) Transcriptomic responses of a simplified soil microcosm to a plant pathogen and its biocontrol agent reveal a complex reaction to harsh habitat. BMC Genomics 17:838.

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Cañas, R., Li, Z., Pascual, M.B., Castro-Rodríguez, V., Avila, C., Sterck, L., Van de Peer, Y., Canovas, F. (2017) The gene expression landscape of pine seedling tissues. The Plant Journal (In Press).

Miclotte, G., Plaisance, S., Rombauts, S., Van de Peer, Y., Audenaert, P., Fostier, J. (2017) OMSim: a simulator for optical map data. Bioinformatics (In Press).

Li, Z., R. De La Torre, A., Sterck, L., M. Canovas, F., Avila, C., Merino Sierra, I., Antonio Cabezas, J., Teresa Cervera, M., K. Ingvarsson, P., Van de Peer, Y. (2017) Single-copy genes as molecular markers for phylogenomic studies in seed plants. Genome Biol. Evol. (In Press).

De La Torre, A.R., Li, Z., Van de Peer, Y., Ingvarsson, P.K. (2017) Contrasting rates of molecular evolution and patterns of selection among gymnosperms and flowering plants. Mol. Biol. Evol. (In Press).

Meysman, P., Saeys, Y., Sabaghian, E., Bittremieux, W., Van de Peer, Y., Goethals, B., Laukens, K. (2016) Mining the Enriched Subgraphs for Specific Vertices in a Biological Graph. IEEE IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (In Press).

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