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SSH tunnelling with SSH Secure Shell and XWindows

With ssh tunnelling, you can connect to a server with ssh and then open a X11 application (or more) that will pop-up in a separate window. A special setup of the ssh secure shell and Xwindows is needed as detailed below.

The result looks like this:


- You can do this from home, and it is safe, all data being encrypted between the server and the client.

- It does work with Hagrid but not with Oberon.

1/ Xwin setup

Launch XConfig32 (file xconfig32.exe or right-click on the X icon in the task bar and then “Xconfig”)

On tab “Window” check “Multiple”

On tab “Other” uncheck “Last Session Terminate”

To prevent the session “Oberon” to start automatically, go to tab “Sessions” and edit “Oberon”. Uncheck the flag “Auto Start”.

2/ SSH Secure Shell setup

Menu Edit > Settings

Check “Tunnel X11 connections”

Save settings File > Save settings and logoff / logon