Nicolás Manosalva

PhD student

Enhancing the translation of functional traits in plants using an integrative network-based approach (BOF project)


  1. Ding, P., Sakai, T., Shrestha, R. K., Manosalva Pérez, N., Guo, W., Ngou, B. P. M., … Jones, J. D. G. (2021). Chromatin accessibility landscapes activated by cell-surface and intracellular immune receptors. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 72(22), 7927–7941.
    Activation of cell-surface and intracellular receptor-mediated immunity results in rapid transcriptional reprogramming that underpins disease resistance. However, the mechanisms by which co-activation of both immune systems lead to transcriptional changes are not clear. Here, we combine RNA-seq and ATAC-seq to define changes in gene expression and chromatin accessibility. Activation of cell-surface or intracellular receptor-mediated immunity, or both, increases chromatin accessibility at induced defence genes. Analysis of ATAC-seq and RNA-seq data combined with publicly available information on transcription factor DNA-binding motifs enabled comparison of individual gene regulatory networks activated by cell-surface or intracellular receptor-mediated immunity, or by both. These results and analyses reveal overlapping and conserved transcriptional regulatory mechanisms between the two immune systems.